3 Colour Peace Poppy pattern (free!)


The free pattern for the 3 colour Peace Poppy is below. If you click on the link, it will open and you will see the usual ‘download’ arrow.

If you find any errors, have trouble downloading the PDF file, or have any questions, please let me know in the comment section. I will reply within the week and will fix errors and re-upload the pattern as needed.

Please visit Emma Leith’s Atelier, the original designer; she has much to share with you!

Correction: I made a mistake in the original post, attributing the amazing Maple Shrug to Emma Leith; it was actually Emma Varnam who designed the shrug for Stylecraft’s 2017 BlogTour.  Mu apologies to both Emmas; I really must stop working into the wee hours . . .

Emma Leith was very kind and gave me permission to use her original Remembrance Poppy design by Emma Leith as a starting place for my 3 colour Peace Poppies. If you wish to make a traditional red poppy for Remembrance Day, I can highly recommend this pattern. It’s very clear and easy to follow.

Here’s the free pattern:  3 Colour Peace Poppy. You can download it here or from my Ravelry store.

You can make a large number of these poppies and join them at the centres of the petals to form a scarf or even a wrap. I had this in mind in the beginning, but not enough time to complete a scarf before Remembrance Day. To make a scarf or wrap I would use yarn to join the poppies, then weave in the ends with a yarn needle. You may have a better idea . . .

I have nearly completed a Peace Poppy Scarf that incorporates some of these poppies as embellishments, but now I’m going to see if adding a fifth round will enhance it or not . . . Once I’ve decided, completed the scarf, photographed it and written up the pattern, I will be offering the pattern for free here and on Ravelry, where the Sing Me to Sheep shop is now open.

Wherever you live, I wish you good weather, good friends and much joy in your creative efforts. Thanks for visiting here.  ~ Linne


Sneak preview of part of one of my creations. Nearly finished and then I need to write up a pattern for making it. Easy, I promise you, and so, SO useful!  Until next time, then . . .



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